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Pension annual statements could become a lot shorter and much simpler in the future

If you have a pension, you normally receive one pension statement each year; your annual or yearly pension statement. Within the statement are details of the value of your pension pot, an estimate of how much income it might provide in retirement, whether your pension has any ‘special features’ (such as a guaranteed annuity rate), […]

Why fewer people are working beyond their State Pension age

When do you plan to retire? Early retirement is a common financial planning goal for many, with ‘early’ often defined by reference to the State Pension age. According to new research, the number of workers who expect to keep working beyond State Pension age is in decline. The research from Canada Life found that only […]

When it comes to money, do you keep secrets from your loved ones?

New research suggests that 4 in ten people are keeping secrets about credit cards, loans and savings. The research from the Money and Pensions Service, marking the start of Talk Money Week, found the adults in the UK have kept at least 21 million financial products secret from their loved ones. The most common financial […]

With divorces on the rise, pensions advice is essential

The latest official figures show a total of more than 100,000 divorces in England and Wales last year. According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), 107,599 opposite sex couples divorced last year, up 18.4% on the 90,871 divorces recorded in 2018. This increase in the divorce rate reflects in part divorce centres working through […]

Complex family structures will influence retirement planning

Retirement has changed in recent decades, and is likely to continue changing. New research suggests that a new group of retirees is emerging, and set to grow in their dominance over the next 15 years. These retirees, with complex family structures, will have very different retirement planning needs from today’s cohort of retirees. The findings, […]

Confidence conundrum for women approaching retirement

What worries women approaching retirement? New research has found that, for many women approaching retirement age, there is a ‘confidence conundrum’. These women are anxious about affording a comfortable retirement, but are least likely to consider ways to cover any funding gap. The new report from the Equity Release Council and Key – The Pension […]

Happy 5th Birthday to us!

What a year! We still have a few weeks to go before we say farewell (or good riddance!) to 2020, and usher in what we all hope will be a far more positive 2021. But I’m in a reflective mood today. You see, it’s the 5th birthday for Financial Care Solutions! If 2020 has taught […]

How people spend equity release cash

How do people use the cash they raise from equity release? That was the question posed in research from SunLife, in their new Equity Release Report 2020. In the research, SunLife looks at how people plan to use their equity release cash, and how the money is ultimately spent. They asked homeowners who were thinking […]

Who cares about care?

It’s not easy going through the experience of finding the right care for a loved one. It is an emotional time which involves lots of decision making and feelings of being overwhelmed, and a complicated system to navigate as you embark on the care journey. A common theme I find is that people are concerned […]

Lockdown can’t stop your retirement dreams

January has always been the month to try and make New Year’s Resolutions, but this year is very different. As we start in 2021, we find ourselves in another national lockdown and have restricted movements. Of course, that doesn’t mean we cannot think about our future retirement lifestyle and plan towards it. Retirement isn’t just […]