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Later life misconceptions and retirement reality

There are plenty of misconceptions about retirement. Part of my role as a Financial Planner is to help turn retirement from a series of perceptions into a (hopefully more positive) reality. An issue with our perception of retirement is that we’re informed by the experiences of our parents’ or grandparents’ generations, or by cliched images […]

Grieving families could be exploited by funeral directors

The costs of funerals have increased dramatically over the past ten years, at three-times the rate of UK’s inflation. Rising funeral costs have forced thousands of grieving families into debt. During a time of grieving, customers are at their most vulnerable and could be taken advantage of by unscrupulous funeral directors. The Competition and Markets […]

Care crisis tipping point within a decade

We face a care crisis tipping point in the UK. With an ageing population, local authorities are increasingly struggling to finance adult social care in various parts of the country. And now a new report suggests a complete collapse of Government-funded care within the next decade. According to the study by Irwin Mitchell and the […]

Inheritance tax reform on the cards

With the Budget coming up next week, new Chancellor Rishi Sunak could be eyeing up inheritance tax reform as a form of taxation ripe for change. The first Budget of a new parliament is historically a time for tax-raising measures. Far enough away from the next election, Chancellors can announce potentially unpopular measures to fill […]

Death planning isn’t as morbid as it sounds

When you hear the term ‘death planning’, it probably invokes a rather morbid series of thoughts. But death planning isn’t as morbid as it sounds, and in fact forms part of later life planning, to help ease matters at what is usually already a very challenging time. Death and dying is, sadly, something on the […]

Later life mental health in the spotlight

Later life mental health is in the spotlight this week, but you might be wondering, what is a Financial Planner doing writing about mental health and kindness? It’s Mental Health Awareness Week until 24th May, with the theme of kindness this year, as a response to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Writing and talking about mental […]

Client vulnerability is an essential part of our business

Fair treatment of vulnerable clients is a regulatory priority within the financial services profession. As a Financial Planner, it’s an essential part of our business practices too. A new report looking at adviser and consumer attitudes to vulnerability has confirmed that the majority of people want some support. Equity release provider more2life asked homeowners aged […]

State pension age to rise to 66

If you’re claiming your state pension from today, you need to wait until age 66. The state pension age for men and women has been steadily rising in recent years, to reach the new qualifying age of 66. It means that people born between 6th October 1954 and 5th April 1960 have a state pension […]

Is your home well suited to cater for your needs in later life?

According to new research, the majority of over 55s say their current home is not ready for the future. The research, contained within the report ‘Tackling the Care Question’ from adviser Key found that the provision of care at home is preferable, but many homes will be unable to accommodate future care provision. Nearly half […]

What’s the optimum age at which to retire?

Retirement ages are on our minds at the moment, with the recent milestone achieved by the state pension, where the qualifying age reached 66 for the first time this month. Men and women now need to wait until their 66th birthday before they can claim a state pension in retirement, following years of gradual increases. […]