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I am a professional and reputable individual who has worked relentlessly to become experienced and skilled in delivering financial planning advice for my clients.  My professional development has always been important to me and I place great emphasis not only on the technical knowledge but also the soft skills and understanding later life issues and challenges around differing vulnerabilities individuals may face in order that I can be the best I can for my clients.  I also work closely with care and legal professionals on client work as often clients needs are quite diverse and other professionals are necessary to ensure they receive the right quality advice at the right time.  I am independent so all recommendations and any referrals we make to other professionals are done in your best interest and without any referral fees from other professionals.



SOLLA Accredited Later Life Adviser Accreditation

SOLLA Retirement Advice Standard

SOLLA Care Standard

SOLLA Later Life Lending Standard

STEP Certificate for Financial Services, Trusts and Estate Planning

Mental Health First Aider (Mental Health First Aid England)

AF1 Personal Tax and Trust Planning (CII)

AF6 Senior Management and Supervision (CII)

Diploma in Financial Planning (CII)

ER1 Equity Release (CII)

CF8 Care Fees Planning (CII)

R08 Pensions Update (CII)

Certificate in Consumer Vulnerability in Later Life

Advanced Certificate in Compliance (ICA)

Certificate in Financial Planning (CII)

CeMAP Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice (IFS)

CeRGI Certificate in Regulated General Insurance (IFS)

Diploma in Insurance (CII)

I specialise in delivering independent financial planning advice to individuals and families, at a time when decisions made often have a lasting financial impact. I help individuals and families to take control of their finances, giving them peace of mind and confidence that their money will not run out throughout retirement, later life and funding long term care, whilst protecting inheritance for future generations.

As a full member of the Society of Later Life Advisers (SOLLA), and an Accredited Later Life Adviser, I have the skills, experience and qualifications to provide comprehensive financial planning and investment management advice throughout these life stages.

I established my own business many years ago so that I could develop my specialism of working with later life clients and giving advice to individuals, families and professionals for individuals with vulnerabilities.  My business is different in many ways to a mainstream financial planning business. 

I don’t set time limits on face-to-face meetings or rush clients to make decisions.  Clients need to feel confident and comfortable to proceed at a pace that is right for them.  The staff I use as part of my team are all of the highest quality.  They are very experienced in what they do whether that be administration, technical research, analysis and report writing, and this ensures advice reports are of the highest standard with my clients’ best interest at the heart of all the work we do for them.

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For clients that do not require formal advice but need some time to discuss a situation or receive some guidance I offer my time via a 30-minute call for £75 or a 60-minute call for £175.

The cost of the call is payable at the time of booking.  Many clients have said these calls are useful to have time to discuss their situations and be guided to other services or other professionals for legal advice or care provision because not all clients need formal financial advice but they appreciate a professional to discuss their situation with.

I really love my work and I am passionate about individuals receiving good quality financial planning advice and appreciate that it can be daunting going through the maze of options for retirement, later life considerations or planning for long term care needs particularly when so much emotion and decision making is involved.

I have a strong commitment to charity and community work.  

I am married with two girls and in my spare time I like to run.

Society of Later Life Advisers

As a SOLLA Accredited Later Life Financial Planning Specialist with over 11 years’ experience of working with clients and families, I have experienced the difficulties that individuals can face in planning and managing their finances in later life.  I decided to specialise in this area 11 years ago when it became apparent there was a real need for advice that not only understood the technical aspects and the numbers but also the emotional side and the importance of individuals financial health and wellbeing throughout their retired lives.