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I am an Independent Financial Planner and SOLLA Accredited Later Life Adviser. I work with individuals, families, Solicitors, Attorneys, Deputies and care professionals. Though my many years of experience I have developed a good understanding of later life issues including vulnerabilities individuals may experience in life.

I love Financial Planning because it helps clients to make informed decisions giving them more control and confidence for their financial future. I support clients to make the right decisions which helps their overall health and wellbeing and reduces the stress they may feel about their money and how best to manage it. 

The situations I work best with are:

People Who need financial planning support

Widows, widowers, divorcees and families who need financial planning support as they go through changed circumstances and establish their new stage in life. Individuals who need an Ongoing Management Service with a more empathetic approach, looking after their families and their financial future.

People Looking to Minimize Inheritance Tax

Individuals and families that want to minimise any potential inheritance tax their estate may pay without losing control of their money in their lifetime.

Families, Power of Attorney, Deputies or Solicitors that need advice on:

  • Personal injury trust settlements or funding the cost of care for individuals’ lifetimes without the worry of running out of money
  • Investments for Disabled Adults and Parents of children with Disabilities who wish to secure their financial futures.

Examples of cases I work on regularly

widows, widowers and divorcees

Supporting widows, widowers and divorcees through a vulnerable time in their lives and helping them to re-establish their new stage in life with their financial planning and helping them to feel clear and confident with what they have and support them in having control to manage it well.

inheritance tax

Helping families with minimising any potential inheritance tax their estate may pay without losing control of their money in their lifetime in particular in case they need it to fund a care need in their later years.


Reviewing individuals’ situations after receiving inheritances and advising them on the best way to manage their new found wealth and how to make it work for their financial planning into the longer term.

Retired years

Helping clients to manage their finances for their retired years and supporting them through any big decisions such as ill health, downsizing a property or long-term care costs to ensure it does not have a negative impact on their longer-term goals of running out of money.

guaranteed income

Helping individuals to achieve a guaranteed income for their retired years to avoid the worry of running out of money.

trust investments

Working with families and solicitors in establishing Trust Investments including Personal Injury Trusts and Disabled Persons Trusts to protect capital and ensure loved ones are looked after throughout their lifetimes.

Release equity

Helping clients and their families to release equity from their property to fund a shortfall in care costs as clients often have a strong wish to stay living in their own homes particularly when a successful care at home arrangement is in place.

To understand the features and higher risks involved in equity release, individual advice is always recommended and a personalised illustration with consider suitability

funding the cost of long-term care

Helping couples with funding the cost of long-term care either as they stay at home or move to a care home together, also in the situations where one of the couples remain at home whilst the other enters a care home. Ensuring there are sufficient funds to support each of the couple independently is a real concern for many families.

Regular support

I provide regular support to clients to help with paperwork and getting their affairs in order if they are not confident doing it on their own and do not have family close by to help.

I work with clients on the various options they may have with their existing situation and analyse the pros and cons of each option using cashflow modelling to assess how effective each option could be and how long their money is likely to last.

SOLLA Accreditation

I work with clients and professionals at a pace they are comfortable with. I charge fairly for my comprehensive services. I cut through jargon to simplify later life planning and make clients feel clear and confident with their money and reassured about their financial futures.

In addition to my SOLLA Accreditation, I have achieved the SOLLA Retirement Advice Standard, the SOLLA Care Standard and the SOLLA Later Life Lending Standard to demonstrate these specialist areas.


I have completed the Certificate in Consumer Vulnerability in Later Life as I work with many clients who have been in vulnerable circumstances.  I have committed to the Financial Vulnerability Taskforce Charter which is an independent and inclusive representative body covering the personal finance sector. Its ultimate purpose is to promote greater understanding of vulnerability, encourage appropriate behaviours and establish good practice amongst personal finance professionals in respect of people who find themselves in vulnerable circumstances.