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So, when is the right time for care?

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Planning for a care and support need is not usually high on our list of priorities.

As a result, I often find people planning for care when they are hit with a crisis such as a stroke or a major fall; their circumstances change in the blink of an eye.

I appreciate it is not easy to have those conversations with our loved ones, especially if they have lived independently for so long in their own homes.

It can be difficult to accept some form of care and support or even accept there is a need for it.

The pandemic has had a considerable impact on care providers, with many challenges still being worked through. The effects will be felt financially and emotionally for some time to come.

The publicity around the impact of the virus in care homes and the various lockdowns and restrictions have left many families reluctant to put loved ones into a care home for fear of infections and also of not being able to visit them.

I understand families have been concerned about putting loved ones into care during the pandemic, but what about the benefits to the loved one and the peace of mind it can bring to families?

-Stimulation which reduces isolation
-Receiving good nutrition and hydration
-Timely medication
-24-hour care
-Safety and security

One positive point from this pandemic is the increased use of technology for keeping in touch with loved ones.

I appreciate video calls do not replace face to face contact, but it is remarkable how many care providers have embraced this with their residents.

I have clients I would never have thought would be comfortable with this contact approach, but many have adopted this and now prefer it to telephone contact, to my pleasant surprise.

The most recent Government announcement has a plan for each care home resident to be allowed one named visitor from 8th March, which is positive and something many have been campaigning for in recent months.

Carers are amazing.

I am a huge advocate for having care at home and receiving care in a care home environment.

I love it when clients tell me that their loved one is thriving even though they worried their longevity may have been shortened before establishing a care arrangement.

Engaging with a care provider for care at home or moving a loved one to a care home can be a positive experience. It can benefit the individuals emotional and mental health and give their families great peace of mind that they are safe and well cared for.

So, when is the right time to arrange live-in care or a care home placement?

It is difficult to say as everyone’s needs are different. What I would say is, please don’t leave it too late.

I have seen many situations where families procrastinated over the decision, and an unexpected hospital stay or fall and changed circumstances overnight meant the original plan was no longer viable.

If you find the right care arrangement for your loved one, get them settled into it. Don’t wait for the pandemic to be over to give your loved ones the care and security of having fantastic/expert carers in place.

If any of this resonates with you, I would welcome the opportunity to discuss your later life planning goals and find out if my services can help you.

Please click here to schedule a 30-minute discovery call using my online calendar; this call can be over the telephone or via Zoom, and is at my expense and without any obligation.

The information contained in this blog post does not constitute advice or recommendations. You should seek independent financial advice before acting on any information on this website.

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