Care Planning

I specialise in and enjoy helping older people and their families with their care choices, care fee planning and helping to make sense of the care and benefit systems.

If you are faced with planning and arranging care and would like a FREE no obligation guide please ask me for a copy of ‘My Care Planner’ to help support you with the choices you make.

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Step 1 – Getting to Know You

An initial telephone appointment to discuss your circumstances, explore your wishes and preferred outcomes, considering your care options and choices.

I will not charge you for something I can’t help with or an initial telephone call which is free of charge, after that if you would like to discuss your care planning situation in more detail the next step would be an initial meeting so that I can fully understand your needs and priorities.

Step 2 – Initial Meeting

I will meet with you face to face to explore further action and provide a Care Navigator report or follow up summary (depending on what stage you are at in your care journey)*.

I prefer to meet you face to face so I could have a more personalised meeting during which I will discuss your possible care options, welfare benefits, Local Authority and NHS funding entitlement. The charge for a face to face meeting and the Care Navigator report or follow up summary based on these areas is £295, payable at the meeting.  This fee will be deducted from my advice fee should you decide to proceed with regulated advice services following our meeting.

When I act on your behalf as an intermediary and intend to implement financial solutions my fees are presently exempt from VAT which means I do not usually have to make an additional charge of 20%. If I do have to charge you for a service which is subject to VAT I will inform you in advance.

To help you through your care journey I can also provide additional support for example, helping to arrange your care, filling in benefit applications, support with a hospital discharge or a house move, understanding or attending a Local Authority/NHS or care agency assessment.

For this additional support I will agree an hourly rate or set fee depending on the likely time involved and I will confirm the cost for that in advance.

* Your Care Navigator report/follow up summary and any additional support as outlined above is regarded as ‘unregulated advice’.

If you require specialist care fees planning advice to look at the options you have to fund the cost of your care this will be regarded as regulated financial advice.  I will provide a risk report specific to  you and discuss the risk you are prepared to take with your money.  I will help you to understand what risk really means as it is critical to any financial decisions you make to fund the care needs for the longer term.

Following this meeting I will produce an Engagement Letter which will outline what I propose to do and exactly what the cost will be to you before you make a decision to proceed with any regulated financial advice services. Should you decide to engage with my care fees planning advice services the next step will be research and analysis in order to formulate the care fees planning advice.

Step 3 – Research, Analysis & Report Preparation – Regulated Care Fees Planning Advice

I will thoroughly analyse your current position and produce a Care Fees Planning report with recommendations to suit your requirements.

I will meet to discuss the report in detail with you to ensure you fully understand the options and feel confident with the recommendations.

For older and more vulnerable clients, this stage may involve a few shorter meetings if individuals need more of my time, patience and understanding.  Financial planning can be daunting and I like to offer extra care and support for these situations to get the best outcomes for my clients.

Step 4 – Implementing Your Care Fees Plan

I will take care of all the necessary paperwork to implement your care fees plan including liaising with the registered care provider as appropriate.

I will ensure smooth and accurate completion of all related paperwork and communications.

Step 5 – Ongoing Management Service

This service is fundamental to keep any investment plans on track and in line with investment risk through changing circumstances.  We will meet at least once a year to review your plans and check progress against your financial planning objectives.